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Think about it…
Are you paying for SEO that isn’t creating enough sales to hire more, improve your service, and expand your business?
Are you being charged for phone calls that don’t convert, only to discover that five other companies already spoke to those leads?
I’m Steve Orandello, and my company Hozio gets your website to the first page of Google. And the best part?
Client: Apex Air Duct Cleaning
As of October 2022, Tom at Apex has 3,900 total keywords on Google – and 2,800 are in the top 5 positions.
In other words, over 70% of his keywords are outranking guys like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List.
Why does this matter?

Because being in the top 5 has gotten Tom over 3,300 phone calls in the past six months.

Through Hozio’s SEO campaign, Tom’s company gained enough revenue to buy 4 new trucks, all while decreasing his ad spend by 50%.
Client: Empire Pools Inc.
As of October 2022, Michael at Empire Pools has 2,400 total keywords, and over 1,600 of them are in the top 5.
When someone looks for pool services near Michael, he shows up.
Not only does he show up – he converts.
Over the past 6 months, Michael received more than 3,400 phone calls from people interested in working with him.
Roughly speaking, that’s 20 calls a day.
That’s results.
Hozio’s SEO campaigns are one of the easiest, stress-free ways to gain more clients. Here’s why:

No contracts

Just a small monthly fee, meaning you only stay if you see results.

Monthly progress reports

See how your traffic, rankings, and lead flow compare to last month.

Data-based decisions

The 17 data analysis programs we use call the shots.

20 Years in Business

New SEO, old SEO. We know how it works and we're ready to help.

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DayBook Group
DayBook Group6 months ago
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Professionalism. Knowledgeable. Customer Oriented.

This is what this company is all about...and more! I have been working with Hozio for over 5 years. The team is responsive and immediately addressed all my company's requests. We now receive a higher conversion rate from our new website, exceeding the expectations of our company goals.
Joel Mcquillen
Joel Mcquillen6 months ago
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Hozio has been taking care of my online presence for the last 5 months. The results have been more than I ever imagined. Not only does my new website look amazing but my company is about to double in size. I highly recommend Hozio to anyone looking to increase their business.
Terry Vecchio
Terry Vecchio8 months ago
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We restructured our obsolete website Vecchio Cesspool Service with Hozio and were so impressed with the hard work and dedication they gave, making sure our new website represented what our company stood for and listened to our ideas and implemented them. They provided support long after their job was done!
Peter Notaro
Peter Notaro8 months ago
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I first contacted Steve from Hozio a few months ago. They took the time to hear my ideas and created an amazing website. The advertising hasn’t been put into full swing yet and we are already getting more calls then we were before! If you are someone like me who is new to owning your own business and are tired of paying crazy prices for leads that go nowhere, do yourself a favor and call Steve at Hozio. You won’t regret it.
Dee de Ganay
Dee de Ganaya year ago
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I found Hozio thru a small sign on a telephone pole in Southampton with only the name Steven and a phone number. It was the best ad I ever answered. Steven helped me multiple times, at no charge, to fix my computer issues. He went well beyond the SEO services for which I subscribe. He's loyal to his clients and goes the extra mile for them.
Robert Tamburello
Robert Tamburelloa year ago
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It has been a pleasure working with Hozio. We definitely have noticed an increase in traffic on our website and social media pages due to the changes made by your professional team! I would highly recommend this company!
Susan Kane
Susan Kanea year ago
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We've been working with Hozio for the past few months. The staff is very responsive and knowledgeable, and It looks like we're getting some good results.
John Fuoco
John Fuocoa year ago
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Hozio brought me to the 1st page of Google. For a small company in a niche business, that’s results. Affordable and Responsive. They listen to me and work with my ideas with guidance. Good people too. Thank you Hozio!
CleanAmerica Inc.
CleanAmerica Inc.3 years ago
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These guys are great! 👍 We’ve been working with the owner Steve who is well versed in his knowledge of SEO and how everything works. Being in business we understand the importance of taking the time to explain to a customer how you’re going to do what you’re about to do. Steve has always made me feel comfortable and confident in his company’s ability to deliver in an area that many companies struggle with.
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